A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Beretta Mondatta is an interactive story about love and decapitation (but not in that order).

When Beretta's boyfriend cheats on her, she rips his goddamn head off. Heartbroken, but newly single, Beretta embarks on a quest to find new love. It's probably not the best idea…

You, the player, can attempt to form a relationship with four eligible partners: a homicide detective, a drunk mailman, the mother of Beretta's dead boyfriend, and a mysterious girl who also just committed murder.

Sometimes you find lasting happiness. Other times you get repeatedly stabbed in the stomach with a kitchen knife. It's just like real life!

You can reach an ending in 5 to 10 minutes — finding them all takes about an hour.


  • Branching dialogue options that lead to 11 normal endings
  • An unlockable bonus ending
  • Art
  • A soundtrack with lots of squelchy synth basslines
  • An implausible amount of snail mail
  • No limbs
  • Grave misunderstandings of multiverse theory


Contains cartoon blood and occasional strong profanity.


BerettaMondatta-1.1-win.zip 199 MB
BerettaMondatta-1.1-linux.zip 167 MB
BerettaMondatta-1.-mac.zip 147 MB


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Why didn't you let me be with Roxy? WHY?! So I could face with my ex, and say "I fuk ur mama boi"

lol, the game does kinda sorta let you be with Roxy... it just doesn't end up very well for Beretta...

Sad fact, she was woman of my dreams...

Fun stuff!