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Crunchy Lunch is a comedy game about when you take your lunch to work and IT'S SO LOUD THAT EVERYONE ELSE IN THE OFFICE HEARS IT!!!

It was created in 30 days for the game jam NaNoRenO 2018, using pen, paper, sticky notes, and a smartphone camera.


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Crunchy Lunch (Windows & Linux) 68 MB
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The game was really funny, made me smile, I needed that :)

thank you for making this game OwO

I laughed a lot! And pretzels are the best snack. Thanks Mari-mumbles the ending of her name.


Thanks!! Pretzels are a great snack--if they were just a little quieter, they'd be perfect!!!

Great game! This is really funny! You should make a sequel so we can see the second day! ^U^

PS: Thanks for making this, made my day!

Thanks for playing!! I actually do have a few ideas for if I ever do a sequel... but I also have a million other game projects I want to finish up. So we'll see!! I'll definitely be working on something.

That's really cool!! Thank you for considering!

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This is such a cute idea, and the writing suited it very well. I love the use of shorthand and short sentences, which really brought out the 'burst of thoughts' in the game. Good job!

Thanks so much!! Yes, I've always loved concise writing and thought I'd try taking it to the extreme for this game.

This is funny and an interesting way to make a Visual Novel :D I enjoyed the whole experience so I want to thank you for making it :D

Thanks!! I've always loved stop-motion animation and thought it'd be cool to try using that style for a visual novel.

You're welcome :D Yes, it's really cool as a style~

This was so funny!  Great job.  ^^

Thanks for playing!!

You're welcome!  ^^  And thank you for making it!  :D

Haha. A visual novel but done on sticky notes. Not seen that before. Great job... :)

Thanks!! I was trying to think of something interesting that'd still be simple enough to complete within a month!