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Played it. Loved it. I laught, I cried, Jan was a babe.


Thanks for playing!! Also, congrats on being I think the first streamer to reach the end. The speed run time to beat is now 11:47!


Holy shit hahaha I'm cracking up at this.

Ahaha, sorry, the game definitely glitched on you. (You're supposed to be able to press all the buttons, not just that one.) My bad. 

Thanks for playing, though! Can I ask what you played it on (Windows, Mac, etc.)?

I played it on Windows.

Thanks! Working on a fix...


HAHAHAHAHA OMG this game has the best music. When I opened the game and it started I couldn't help laughing!

Thanks for playing! 

Anytime, can't wait to see what you do next!


I love you Yoss.

That is all.