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Qabara is a very anxious young artist who has decided she must paint her masterpiece before she turns 10 years old. She’s lived her whole life in a tiny desert town, but she’s determined to observe her surroundings closely and collect enough inspiration for her magnum opus, all before her mom makes dinner.

Qabara the Artist is a film-length, combat-free adventure RPG. You explore the surreal town of Al Chura as Qabara, searching for inspiration by examining the environment and talking to people, all to reach the next artistic plateau. Growing as an artist helps Qabara notice new things about the world around her. To encourage exploration, the game is open-ended, with multiple ways to collect inspiration, including quests with multiple solutions.

The game is all made by one person (more or less). I do the writing, the sprites and animation, the music, and yes, even this store page. I am not the world's greatest painter, but I remember being 9 and FEELING LIKE the world's greatest painter, so I just wanted to share some of that joy with you.


Buy Now$11.98 USD or more

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